The Central Life Internship Program exists to provide a life changing environment for you to grow, get equipped and connect in the purpose and calling God has on your life. 


With a high priority on personal development and self care we’ll welcome you into a variety of environments that grow your character and fill your appetite to learn.


We will purposefully and professionally train you and release you to be a participant in our ministry. Equipping you to have immediate impact with your gifts and talents. 


You’ll build relationships with our leader who will sharpen your gifts and talents and push past your comfort zone into new potential. 



We believe there shouldn’t be anything that stands in the way of you pursuing God’s call on your life and the passion burning in your heart. Here are some important details we want to make you aware of as you plan:


  • Payment - As an intern you will be paid a stipend to offset living expenses such as gas, food, etc.

  • Eligibility - The Central Life Intern Program is open to young adults ages 18-25. 

  • Timeframe - We are currently accepting applications for our 2019 internship which runs from January - December 2019. (12 months)

  • Transportation - The majority of your responsibilities will require that you have a reliable form of transportation. If you don’t have a working vehicle, there are options available upon request.

  • Work - Due to the commitment of this internship, we ask that applicants not work an additional job while in the program. The internship requires some late hours and on occasion last minute requests that may conflict with your ability to work a second job.