Healthy things grow and growing things change. We are excited to announce that our giving system is being updated! This new system will help make things simpler for first time givers and help us better manage your donations.

With this change, we'll need your help transitioning out of the old system and into the new. Check out the instructions below and feel free to reply with any questions.

A. Download 2018 Statement

Download your 2018 and any other statements you would like from the old system with the email sent earlier this week.

1. Log into your InFellowship account. 

2. Select the Your Giving link.

3. Under Contributions for, choose the household or individual members then 2018 from the drop down list.

3. Click the Download statement link.

B. Stop Gifts in the Old System

Follow the steps below to check for and stop any recurring gifts in the old system. Remove any bookmarks that lead to

Please follow the instructions below to end a recurring payment in the old system.
1. Log into your InFellowship account. 

2. Select the Your Giving link.

3. Click the Schedules tab.

4. Click the Name link for your scheduled recurring gift(s).

5. Click the Delete This Schedule link at the bottom left of the page.

6. Click OK in the confirmation pop-up. The schedule is deleted.

C. Give using the new system

Click here to visit the Generosity page then click the button for the campus you attend, follow the prompts to set up your gift. (Be sure to bookmark the Generosity page as it will always lead to the best way to give.)